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Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY:How To Do Your Nails Like A Professional

Hey Glitterbugs! I'm sorry this post is late, I've been so busy. I still wanted to make a post for Mani Monday anyway. Today's post is how to achieve a professional manicure look at home. Don't worry about not being a professional nail technician or the mistakes. I know I'm not a nail technician and sometimes my nails look better when I do it myself than when a professional does it! LOL, Truth!!!! Let's get started!

                        Here is a picture of how you should polish your nails
Numbers go from left to right.
1. Start off with a clean nail, make sure the surface is nail polish and oil free.

2. Apply your base coat or ridge filler. This prevents staining and chipping. Let it dry.

3. Place a drop of polish at the center of the nail, a bit above the cuticle.

4. Carefully push the drop towards the cuticle, leaving just a small gap.

5. Now move your brush upwards making a straight line till the end of the nail.

6. Go back to the base of the nail and swipe the polish along the curve of the nail.

7. Keep dragging the polish until the whole side of the nail is covered.

8. Repeat step 6, but do this on the other side of the nail.

9. Repeat step 7, but do this on the other side of the nail.

10. If necessary apply a 2nd or 3rd coat. Finish with a (quick drying) top coat.

It's okay if you mess up. Just take an old eyeliner brush, as shown below, and dip it into the nail polish remover. Then, gently rub the brush around your cuticle to remove your mistake.

Practice makes perfect! So keep trying and in no time you will be doing your nails like a pro. See you next week for Mani Monday! Stay Tuned. Bye!!!!

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