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Monday, August 12, 2013

Mani Monday:Nail Trends of 2013

   If your like me, you love having your nails done! Throughout this year, I have seen many nail trends amongst females. In this post, I will be sharing with you all 7 nail trends of 2013. There are so many, that it is hard to keep up with. So leave a comment and tell me which one is your favorite and which you have had done to your nails.

1. Stiletto Nails
This nail trend had to be first, because most of the females I have seen have had this nail design. Many ladies wear this nail design with some jewels or charms. Some people refer to this type of nail as " The Cat Claws" but they are really called "The Stiletto Nails".

2. Ombre Nails
This is one of my all time favorite nail trends of 2013. The ombre pattern has been on clothes, shoes, cakes, cupcakes, furniture, and especially nails. This nail trend is very cool and looks great with light nail polish colors. I have seen plenty of d.i.y. projects on this nail trend and I might just do one for an upcoming Mani Monday.

3. Matte Nails
I love love love this nail trend because it is so stylish! It looks so classy to me and has an awesome look to it. There have been plenty of runway models rocking this nail trend and it goes well with blazers. Love It!!!!

4. Animal Print Nails
Now this nail trend has been out for a while, but has really been a common nail pattern of 2013. This pattern goes well with any outfit because many clothes today, especially at Forever 21, have had this pattern on clothes such as leggings and graphic t-shirts. Also, a lot of people are putting this nail design on their stiletto nails.

5. Glitter Nails
Glitter nails are an awesome nail trend! They are very flashy and can attract lots of compliments. I've gotten lots of compliments at school and on the street while wearing this nail trend. The only negative thing about this nail trend is that it can be a struggle to remove. It takes some extra hard rubbing to remove!

6. Cross Nails
I have seen this nail trend everywhere! Forever 21 has this pattern on a lot of their clothes. This pattern has been on leggings, shoes. rings, t-shirts and now nails. It looks great with the classic solid colors, black and white.

7. Caviar Nails
I think this nail trend is so cool. I have seen it on my favorite show, L.A. Hair, styled by Naja.
She has created some great designs using the caviar nail accessory, especially when she did Fantasia's nails. They looked so great!

Thank you for reading this post! I am so excited about "Mani Monday"and look forward to posting nail design d.i.y.'s for the upcoming Mani Monday's!!! Don't forget to leave comment and tell me which nail trend is your favorite and which one you have had done to your nails. Stay Tuned!!!

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